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Biden Saber-Rattling DefCon 2?

Biden Saber-Rattling DefCon 2?

As conditions continue to devolve in Ukraine - and as Russian Vladimir Putin slowly positions himself to the Cat-Bird seat, the idea that all is not as it would seem comes into play.

Recently, we had a former head of the Joint Chiefs opine that Putin was tantamount to a cornered animal. But is this really the case?

As I see it, there's only one way that Mr. Putin really loses in the current scheme of things and that's if Ukraine flat-out defeats the Russian military on the battlefield. Even then, the prospects for future conflict between the two nations remains.

No, with Russia, Communist China, Iran, and North Korea all presenting as simpatico, any bait that sucks the West into conflict would necessarily end disastrously for the West, even as it facilitates the rise of the World Economic Forum and Communist China as rulers of the New World Order.

I talk about those issues and a lot more on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce...


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