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Be Forewarned: A Personal Disclaimer

Be Forewarned: A Personal Disclaimer

Be Forewarned: A Personal Disclaimer
In these days of hypersensitivity and arrogance, sometimes you have to explain to people just what you stand for and what you will put up with. And sometimes you have to be willing to "turn the page" on people you knew yesterday who really don't know you today, especially if they can't divorce politics and ideology from friendship. This week I put people on notice...in an effort to be transparent.

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For the last 22 years, I have been fully engaged in the culture war. I have even been the executive director for a small non-profit that dealt with the threats of Progressivism, Islamofascism, and constitutional illiteracy. In addition, I have written for national publications, think tanks, and foundations on these topics and guested on many television and radio programs not because I am a zealot on these issues, but because I have been recognized as someone who is fair; someone who takes great pains to explore all sides of an issue and who seeks out credible, fact-based information, even when everyone else was acting emotionally.

So, I find it troubling how far to the ideological Left many of my friends and family have jerked in the last 6 or so years. People I respected have suddenly stopped seeking perspective from both sides of an issue; stopped caring about whether what they are buying into is true and unmanipulated, and are full-throatily engaged in advancing political vomit as truth; ideological propaganda as fact. We, as a society – and this includes my circle, large that it is – have mistakenly misconstrued the easy of communicating our opinions with advocating provable truths.

And before you knee-jerk assign me a label, know that I am just as severe on the elitists of the Right as I am on the oligarchs of the Left. Progressives exist on both sides of the aisle and their goals are the same: harness the emotions of the people to divide, advance opportunistic propaganda based on half-truths and manipulated innuendo, and attain power amongst the chaos. Both sides are guilty of it and for that fact, both sides are to blame.

But that does not absolve us from our responsibility to see through the fog of politically charged misinformation, to do that we must dispense with the usual suspect media and start going to sources to read white-paper facts on issues and situations. We must have the courage to call people out when they advance media-driven propaganda and confront power when the elitists in control use emotional knee-jerk to manipulate the people into divide.

No one gets a pass. If you post something that I have found, through my studies of both sides of an issue (and that study goes far beyond the mainstream media rags that do nothing but sensationalize headlines for profit) to be false, misleading or ridiculously conspiratorial I am going to call you on it and I am forewarning everyone, family and friends, that I am finished being polite about it.

For 22 years I have been polite about explaining the information I have discovered, tested, and confirmed, and for some reason, today, because everyone has a Facebook account, opinions trump facts. This cannot and will not stand.

So, for the record:

▪ I am a constitutionalist and not one who only values the Charters of Freedom when it is advantageous. I do not riot if my candidate doesn’t win. I do not loot when the media snaps its fingers. And I do not automatically believe that because someone thinks differently than me that he or she is an asshole. That moniker is saved for when that person proves him or herself to be an asshole.

▪ I do my research before I espouse my opinion. My research takes me to as many vantage points as possible because it is always important to understand all sides of an issue. Because of that, I can almost always easily spot someone who is spewing the boilerplate propaganda; the person who didn’t take the time to try to figure out why someone with an opposing viewpoint may have a legitimate beef. These are the people – the people who read the headline and believe they have read the article, study, or thesis – who, in my book, are lower than whale shit. I do not suffer the arrogance of these people.

▪ Wannabe wonks are a little lower than the whale shit level espoused above. If you are an ideological sycophant who believes that just because you read a few books by your favorite political author that you are a political academic, you are a dangerous kind of useless to me. Unless you read, respected experts – not activists, experts – from all sides of an issue I can only see you as partisan. Don’t tell me you “know what Americans want or think” when you have only looked East.

▪ I am not, repeat not, sympathetic to the Progressive cause. I believe Progressives are a threat to the Republic’s existence and I will work every day of my life to oppose each goal they have set forth. I recognize the damage they have done, and I believe their supporters are just as guilty of sins against Americanism as their leaders. I wholeheartedly see Progressives as Fascists by definition, not because of the ideas they never think through, but because of the intolerant and totalitarian actions that prove them to be just that.

▪ I believe that Political Correctness is a tool of the Progressives meant to shadow the US Bill of Rights. I believe that embracing political correctness is tantamount to declaring aggression against the US Bill of Rights and the total of the Charters of Freedom and, thus, an attack on freedom itself.

▪ In my world travels, I can testify to an inarguable fact: There are a lot of socially inept, politically ignorant, and intellectually challenged millionaires. Monetary success does not equate to intelligence and financial station does not impress me, in fact, in many cases – not all, but quite a few – the arrogance wafting from the sphere of the financial elite is pungent. Check your financial arrogance before you mistake wealth for intelligence.

▪ As much as my detractors would love to call me a racist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, and any other kind of “phobe” you can craft, these labels mean nothing to me because I know them not to be true. My actions have proven these labels to be inapplicable. So, when your arrogance leads you to an intellectual corner where you must rely on name-calling and label granting, just know in your heart of hearts that you have lost the debate. A true intellect would try to educate him or herself when they have had their asses handed to them intellectually, but in our era of arrogance, most people haven’t the courage to admit they were wrong.

I could go on but those who have read to this point get it.

At this point, if you are offended then de-friend me. If you are offended, you never really did know me and absolutely don’t know me now. So, do us all a favor and cull yourself from the herd.

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