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Arrive Alive, Snow & Traveling The Halls Of Power

Arrive Alive, Snow & Traveling The Halls Of Power

Before we get to this morning’s segment with Matt Bruce on The Captain’s America” Third Watch – in which we discuss the snow in Buffalo and the response from New York State’s governor-elect, Donald Trump, the Arizona election challenge and some changes coming to the US House of Representatives, I wanted to take a little bit of time to remind everybody to please travel safely this holiday week.

When we look at the Wednesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving we see really high travel days. They also correlate with a lot of tragedy that happens on the highways. I saw a lot of it during my days as a firefighter and paramedic and it is not the way to start the holiday season.

So, please don't drive distracted. If you're driving, put your cell phone down, maybe even shut it off or at least put it on silent. Do not text and drive and please don't drink and drive. Do your best to think things through so that you can stick around to spend next year's holidays with your family...


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