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Are Tinfoil Hats Becoming A Fashion Statement?

Are Tinfoil Hats Becoming A Fashion Statement?

As a precursor to today’s segment on America’s Third Watch with Kyle Warren, I wanted to mention two things.

First, please take some time to read The Anti-Freedom Movements Aren’t So Different, the featured story at Underground USA. It addresses the many and substantial parallels between the Islamist and Marxist ideologies and how the implementation of both – including their similar tactics and methods of indoctrination and oppression – have always ended in a dramatic loss of freedom and individualism. Simply stated, both ideologies subjugate the individual and kill freedom.

Second, and this relates to the above in the fact that indoctrination – or more succinctly, brainwashing – results in a need for a re-institution of a person’s critical thinking ability. Once people have digested the Kool-Aid it takes great effort to free their minds; to liberate their minds so they can see things clearly; so the brainwashed can see clearly that oppressive and totalitarian ideologies are never the answer and, in fact, enslave humans rather than minister to them.

In the third segment of America’s Third Watch this morning, a caller illustrates – perfectly – how propaganda and misinformation can adversely affect logic. The caller – whom most would label a conspiracy theorist – insisted that the Israelis don’t necessarily care for Americans and that the Carter administration toppled the Shah of Iran to install the Ayatollah and the present-day Iranian Islamic state.

Listen to the certainty with which he speaks. This is the same certainty the pro-Hamas protesters and social justice warriors on US campuses, in US urban areas, and in many places around the world, have in their voices. They believe they are correct.

This is a by-product of our society being duped into not discussing politics and/or religion with family, friends, and neighbors. False narratives and untruths are embraced without being challenged because no one dares to challenge them. And society loses the clear vision of right and wrong.

Please note, and this is especially important with the holidays coming up. Discussing politics or religion with family and friends does not have to result in arguments and bad feelings. A civil person can discuss anything with an even and fair tone. But to do so it requires open-mindedness and a willingness to listen to others.

Search for that modicum of common ground on any issue and build on that. You may not agree on everything, but if you can agree on something…that’s a start.

Now, this morning’s segment on America’s Third Watch, as broadcast on the Genesis and Salem broadcasting networks…

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