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And You Thought FOX News Was On Your Side…

And You Thought FOX News Was On Your Side…

Before we get into this episode of Talkback with Chuck Wilder – in which I get into the Right’s ineptitude when it comes to messaging and conveying a cohesive and coherent narrative, I'd like to take issue with a podcast I heard from the FOX News podcast network in which they talk to someone from the University of Virginia about the Electoral College.

Nowhere in that interview was it stated that the Electoral College's primary purpose is to protect the middle country – flyover country – from the urban areas when it comes to being overrun by a purely democratic election.

When we vote for President we vote for Electors. Those Electors are determined by the census. If we were a pure democracy, where we went with a national vote total, people in rural areas would never have their voices heard. Politicians would only campaign in urban areas because it would be cost-effective in gleaning the most votes. So, you would see Blue cities owning the United States government forever.

Politicians would only campaign in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston…I hope you're starting to get my drift.

These are all Blue cities filled with Blue voters. I'm not saying there's not any Republicans in these locations but they never win because they're not the majority of the voters. So, if you've got politicians that are only catering to the urban areas you get a woke nation 24/7 365…for the rest of time!

The Electoral College protects the electorate from that. It gives a voice to the states that don't have New York Citys and Chicagos and Philadelphias. It balances our election system out. The Electoral College protects the rights of the minority.

The fact that somebody who was brought on to a FOX podcast to talk about what the purpose of the Electoral College and the protection point was never broached? The only thing I got out of that podcast was that the Electoral College was an antiquated system that we're stuck with. A more uneducated take on the Electoral College I have never heard.

And as the Left tries to move our country to say, “Hey, for President of the United States we should have a national vote and and the majority should win!” That's mob rule and that gives the overwhelming advantage to urban areas only

Do you want Lori Lightfoot to be the main influence in who's the President of the United States? Do you want Los Angeles's mayor to have an over-weighted representation in who is elected our President of the United States? Imagine Bill de Blasio having more to say about it than you!

It is beyond time that we understand the mechanics of the civics entailed in our form of government. We must get this education back into the schools. It's obvious that when someone working at a major university is brought on to a major news podcast network and they never mention that the Electoral College protects the rights of the minority. It is obvious that we are in deep trouble when it comes to people who are espousing what things “are” and what things “aren't.”

We need to get educated on this issue because if the Electoral College goes the country is finished; it's over. It's a very important thing to address and we all need to be curious about why people in university positions don't understand that the number one important aspect of the Electoral College is to protect the rights of the minority. That's what America is all about.

Then, we talk with Chuck Wilder on Talkback…

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