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Actually, It Is Patriotic To Question Elections & The Election Process

Actually, It Is Patriotic To Question Elections & The Election Process

Perhaps a closing thought on the Midterms – although I'm sure there's going to be much more to be said about them going forward. I find it disingenuous to believe that the vote-counting process in Arizona, California, and Nevada can't be refined to be more timely and with less hands on the ballots.

We, in Florida, had two hurricanes go through the state both in the run-up to the midterms and then during voting and our results were in that day. There were no complaints and no claims of fraud. So it can be done if your election authorities want to do it. The question is: do the states that continually have problems really want to do it? It's a question we have to ask ourselves.

I don't believe there's a smoky back room cabal that gets together and says we're going to do this in order to steal an election but making sure that you have a dysfunctional system and refusing to fix it, refusing to purge your rolls, refusing to make sure that the machines work without glitch before Election Day, those are all sins of omission.

And in Arizona, I have to be honest, I am very troubled by that election all the way around. The fact that the winning gubernatorial candidate gets to certify herself as the winner and oversaw the election process – and that she refused to recuse herself, that's not ethical. And if she's not ethical going through the election she absolutely isn't going to be ethical in office.

So, something's got to change in Arizona. The people of Arizona deserve better.

I talk about this and more on Talkback with ChuckWilder...


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