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A New Congress. A New Speaker…But How Free Are We?

A New Congress. A New Speaker…But How Free Are We?

Before we get into yesterday morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to acknowledge that US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), is the new Speaker of the House…after 15 votes. That’s the first time that's happened in a hundred years and then only after having acquiesced to some demands that, quite honestly, weren't that unreasonable. 

The Speaker of the House has a lot of power just because of the position. You don't need to amass more power underneath that position to run the chamber as a totalitarian as Nancy Pelosi did. There is a great article by Glenn Greenwald – not necessarily someone from the Right camp – that talks about how lockstep the Left is and how the narrative that the Right just follows their leaders and never questions authority is really just a false narrative. It's a great article. He's got it over at Rumble. Go take a listen. I was impressed with it.

But, as we move forward, we need to make sure that the things that we were promised come to pass. We need to make sure that Kevin McCarthy's Republican contingent in the House repeals funding for the 87,000 new IRS agents, perhaps moving that funding over to make sure we have enough people on the border to close it.

We have to be fiscally responsible. Republicans have not been in recent decades.

And we have to start asking ourselves if we, as a people, are really free with the way government is executed today. In every aspect of your life ask yourself, “How free am I? Am I free to do as I please?”

Keep in mind the adage, “your right to throw a punch ends where my nose begins” because that's how we have to be here in our Republic. Everybody has rights your rights don't supersede another's. The Left doesn't understand that. That's why they try to elevate factions above one another; to create chaos and discontent and divisions so that they can cobble together their “coalitions” to find that 51 percent in any election.

Everybody has rights. Everybody's rights must be respected. It doesn't matter what your gender. It doesn't matter what your race. It doesn't matter how you identify. Take all of that garbage; all of that label garbage away and every individual has rights granted by our Creator. And we need to start asking ourselves, “How free are we? “How much of our liberty; how much of our freedom have we ceded to the government under the guise of safety and protection?”

We don't need government to protect us, less from enemies foreign and domestic and that definition of enemy is pretty clear. It's not protecting us from credit card companies. If a credit card company wants to charge 32 percent interest than they're going to charge 32 percent interest. Don't use the card. Don't apply for it. You take responsibility for what happens to you.

Every time we take more responsibility for our own actions and our own decisions the less we need government and the freer we are.

So, we need to start asking that question about everything that we see in the news, everything that we touch during our normal course of events every day: “How free are we? How much freedom have we given away? And how much freedom can we take back?”

So, with this new Congress, let's keep an eye on that. We don't want to see an expansion of government. We want to see a decrease in government authority over our individual lives. It's something we have to keep in mind moving forward.

Then, Matt Bruce and I discuss this and more on the Friday morning edition of The Captain's America: Third Watch…

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