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A Debt Ceiling Deal? And We’re Happy About That Why?

A Debt Ceiling Deal? And We’re Happy About That Why?

Before we get into this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce I wanted to expound a bit on the dangers of consolidated power, especially in government.

Our Founders and Framers actually put together a country that ended up being 50 separate states with 50 separate constitutions. The federal government they created, through the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, was to establish a loose association of the 50 states with the 50 separate constitutions so that we could be seen as a country. It never established an all-powerful, all-demanding, totalitarian centralized government like today.

They wanted the federal government to fill in the cracks and to allow the 50 states (back then 13 colonies turned into States) to be able to band together to protect themselves in concert and to deal with trade between the states. That's really all it was ever supposed to be.

But with the advent of the Woodrow Wilson administration and the centralization of power in the federal government – and that continuation of the centralization of power with every single president since, we now have this massive centralized federal government that has clawed authority away from the states to become this totalitarian, centralized form of government; government that doesn't adhere to the limitations set forth for the federal government in the US Constitution. They just keep clawing more power to centralized government.

The same thing goes for centralized finance.

In the beginning, every state had its own currency. But a bunch of really rich guys got together at Jekyll Island, Georgia, at the beginning of the 20th Century and created the Federal Reserve in collusion with the Wilson administration to create this centralized banking system that we have today; a banking system that has failed to protect the value of money.

Centralized power was never in the game plan for the United States. Yet, here we are.

So, how do we reverse this? The state legislatures and the governors must claw back their power through nullification, and some pretty big brains – who want to champion states’ rights and a return to constitutionalism – have to figure out how to interrupt the direct flow of federal revenue through taxation from the people to the federal government.

There's no reason we can't remit in bulk through the states every year, the states being the guardians of what we really have to pay the federal government. We have to fund the military and we have to fund some pretty egregious social programs that were passed over the years since Woodrow Wilson. But we shouldn't have to pay for turtle tunnels and we shouldn't have to pay for a lot of the stuff we are paying for. That money can stay with the states. 

Something to consider going forward. Centralized power is always a bad thing.

Then, this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce…

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