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A Couple Of Things To Understand Before Your Opinion On The Middle East Matters

A Couple Of Things To Understand Before Your Opinion On The Middle East Matters

I’d like to touch on a subject that GenZers and GenZ Alphas – and maybe even some later Millennials – wouldn’t fully understand from experience. The subject matter is what most people mistakenly call “radical Islam.” It is important for a couple of significant reasons, one of which concerns what is happening in the Middle East today.

People who were alive and aware during and after the attacks on September 11, 2001, had the opportunity to hear the open debate that took place about the covenants and tenets of Islam. During that debate a popular notion – albeit one based on an untruth and a defective understanding of the Quran and Hadith – was that Islam is a “religion of peace.” It is not. It never has been. But that didn’t keep people of influence from declaring it so.

From Presidents like George W Bush and Barack Obama…


…to failed presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton… 


…the preferred narrative was clear: Islam is a religion of peace.

But perhaps the preeminent scholar on the Quran, Hadith, and Islam in general – Robert Spencer – debunks that motion in short order…


I bring this up because of the epidemic of GenZ, GenZ Alpha, and Millenials who have taken to the streets in support of Hamas, claiming the entirety of the West exists as Islamophobic and that the West is the aggressor; that the “religion of peace” is under attack.

(As an aside, Hamas is a US State Department-recognized terrorist organization supported in its mission by the Muslim Brotherhood – and now heavily funded by the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran. The list of their attacks on Israel and Israeli citizens alone is exhaustive.)

Islam is a religion of conquest and that conquest, as Spencer pointed out in my brief clip, is executed by the sword. And it is not the “radicalized” Muslim that executes this conquest, it is the devout Muslim that executes this conquest. The demographic within the Muslim world that does commit acts of terrorism is not a demographic that has been “radicalized,” rather, they are simply following the precise teachings in the Quran and Hadith.

Some would say, “Well, isn’t that just like the Christians of the Crusades?” Yes and no and irrelevant.

While the Christian Crusades were bloody and totalitarian, they were bastardized by politics and the greed for power that has its seeds in every human being. More important is that the Crusades ended with an understanding that they were wrong, ushering in reformation in the Christian church.

Further – and here is where Christianity and Islam are incredibly different. The Bible and the Torah and written as secondhand accountings of the teachings of the Christian God. The Quran, Muslims insist, is the literal world of Allah. So, where the Crusaders had to interpret the words of God to justify their actions, Muslims are commanded by the literal word of God to execute what is held within the Quran without interpretation. If a Muslim wants to be devout, he or she must do as commanded.

That gives the commanded tenets that Spencer covered specific and explicit meaning, especially Chapter 2, verse 191, which says,

“Kill them wherever you come upon them and drive them out of the places from which they have driven you out…”

As to the question’s irrelevancy, today it is the devout in the Islamic faith that launch missiles into civilian areas in actions of conquest, not Christians.

In the 2000s I served as the Executive Director for BasicsProject.org, an educational 501c3 organization focused on exposing the internal and external threats to the United States and eradicating constitutional illiteracy. The internal threats were centered on progressivism and neo-fascism, and the external threats focused on those emanating from devout Islamism.

I have read and studied the books. I know Robert Spencer as well as many others including Wafa Sultan, Paul L. Williams, Walid Phares, Brigette Gabriel, and many others considered learned voices on the topic of Islam. There are at least two things on which we all agree: 1) It is the devout Muslim that poses the threat because of his/her adherence to the letter of the Quran, and 2) Islam is not a religion of peace.

And so it is that the onus of any effort to demilitarize the Islamic culture must weigh heavily on the devout within the Islamic faith. It is they who must reject the violence that is commanded by Allah in the Quran, and that will take a reformation that will – necessarily – move the over 1 billion Muslims away from the “literal teachings” of their god. That is no small task.

What can help this reformation along is this. The West needs to be honest about the issue instead of creating false narratives like “Islam is a religion of peace.” It most certainly is not. And we can also help the Islamic world move away from violence and the use of terrorism as a tool of conquest by establishing the truth that it is not a small number of radicalized Muslims that exploit this tool, but the devout who are simply following the commands of the deity.

For the entirety of the West – including the GenZers, GenZ Alphas, and Millenials – to grasp these realities would finally set the stage for meaningful interaction on the matter with those in the Islamic world. Until then, we need to prepare for more Islamofasctic attacks of conquest in lands not already under the totalitarian and violent thumbs of Islamic Sharia Law.

Now, this morning’s segment on America’s Third Watch with Kyle Warren, broadcast coast-to-coast on the Salem and Genesis Communications Networks…

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